Introducing Ken: Architect of Innovation, Strategy & Transformation

Welcome to my professional journey, where passion meets innovation and creativity. I'm a dynamic professional with a strong background in the fitness industry, looking to bring my diverse skill set to new horizons in project management, software development, full-stack development, analytics, and business intelligence.

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A Mosaic of Professional Growth

Starting in the health & fitness industry and evolving into software development, full-stack development, business intelligence and technology, my career represents continuous growth and self-reinvention. Rooted in Kinesiology and significantly enriched through an MBA in Business Intelligence & Analytics, every step has shaped a deeply versatile and insightful professional identity.

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My Journey of Transformation

My professional story is one of evolution, a journey from a specialized path in the fitness industry to the expansive landscapes of technology, coding, analytics, and leadership. With an MBA, I once envisioned a career tethered tightly to a passion. However, a relentless thirst for knowledge and an unyielding desire for new challenges set me on an uncharted path.

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Versatile Leadership: Adapting to Industry Needs

Throughout my career, I've taken on leadership roles that challenged and stretched my capabilities. Whether guiding a fledgling startup to new heights or navigating the complex waters of established corporations, my leadership style has been adaptive, empathetic, and results-oriented. I've learned to quickly understand the pulse of different industries, applying my skills to foster innovation, drive efficiency, and lead teams toward achieving collective goals.


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Past education & credentials

At the heart of my career is a deep-seated belief in the power of lifelong learning. Whether it's through formal education, professional certifications, or hands-on experiences, I am committed to staying at the forefront of my field. This commitment to continuous personal and professional development is what allows me to remain adaptable and relevant in a rapidly changing world.

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