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About the Accident that Took Ken's Life

On September 20, 1996, after 6 or 7 years of incredibly hard work at developing his skills as an actor, Ken Steadman was on top of the world and his efforts were finally paying off. He had become a successful actor. He had done several movies, had received various parts on television shows like NYPD Blue, Malone's, Baywatch, and Babylon 5. (See his acting credits in the Celebration section). His latest success was landing a guest star role on the TV series, "Sliders". Then in one instant his whole world ended and he died tragically in an accident while on location filming the Sliders episode called "Desert Storm".

Ken's role involved driving a dune buggy in the desert near Victorville. The actors and film crew were in their third day of filming and they were setting up for another action shot. While Ken was transporting the dune buggy between scenes that morning , the vehicle overturned and he was crushed, killing him instantly. We got the call that no parent wants and the call that tears out your heart and changes you forever. A very big part of our world ended that day, we lost a son. We lost this incredible child that had so much to give and that we loved with all our hearts. This was only the beginning of this nightmare and the tragedy that began that day seemed to continue forever as we investigated the accident.